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We offer exchange rate that are far cheaper than the banks, leaving more money in your pocket.


We offer friendly over the phone support whenever you need it. We make transferring your money overseas hassle free.


Our transfer process is secure, we have a dedicated team who ensures to follow all the security protocols.

fundio trust

We've secured system

We are committed to securing your financial information and employ proven technology to protect and secure your personal information.

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This is one of the best services for sending money thay I have been using to send money back home with minimum hassle.

- Omer Zafar

Extremely easy to use and the money is transferred pretty fast. Will recommend to anyone.

- Brian Ross

Their support is quite friendly and helpful. A good service to send money abroad and their rates are not crazy like some other services.

- Alice Smith

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Let's answer some of your questions

Everything you need to know about sending money with World Pesa

Yes, we are regulated in the US & Canada.

We conform to the rules and regulations in the countries we remit to through our trusted and reliable distributors.

We ensure all customer data are secured and kept responsibly on our secured server inline with US Data Protection.

We are currently providing an online service with partner in the country we service. We will in the future have a physical presence on the street.

Our current online business operational model allow World Pesa users to send money with the highly competitive rates.

We hold customer money in a dedicated business account, independent of our business operational account. Remit request are matched with a corresponding transaction id and leaves our account shortly after the request is initiated, thereby reducing financial risk or loss to customer money.

We are providing transaction limit Daily upto $ 2,400 and Monthly upto $ 10,000.

We aim to get the remittance to the receiver within 1 to 2 working days; in exceptional cases where we can't get it to the receiver within 48hrs, we will contact you to provide an explanation and revised time of delivery.